Ritual Participation

Ritual Education

If you are interested in expanding upon your skills and knowledge of Jewish rituals, we offer a wide array of classes and workshops providing hands-on, insightful instruction for people of all ages and at every ability level.

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class – It’s never too late to celebrate the meaningful ritual of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Members who didn’t have the experience as a teen get the opportunity to learn how to read from the Torah and Haftorah and then chant their portion from the bimah during a Shabbat or Festival morning service.

Gabbai Training Workshop – Gabbaim play critical roles in our weekly Shabbat services. This workshop teaches all the essential skills of being a good gabbai, whether serving as a makri, page caller or floor gabbai.

Davening Skills and Torah Trope Workshop – Participants in this workshop will learn to lead various parts of B’nai Tikvah’s ritual services, as well as the tropes needed to be able to chant a Haftorah or read from the Torah. The ability to read Hebrew and a general familiarity with our services are prerequisites.

Shabbat Z’mirot – These casual sessions take place after Kiddush on Shabbat morning several times a month. Participants will learn traditional and new Shabbat songs that are great to sing with your family.


Learn to Lead Evening Minyan

Minyan is a wonderful tradition that brings comfort to our mourners and gives us a daily opportunity to connect with our soul, our community and our God. If you are interested in leading minyan, our Class will instruct you how to lead an evening minyan and will include special psalms for shiva minyanim. CDs will be provided.

Ritual Education

Contact Rabbi David (debstein@bnaitikvah.net) if you are interested in participating in our Ritual Education offerings.

Leading Minyan

Contact Anita Lurie (alurie@bnaitikvah.net) if you are interested in leading minyan.

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