Important Religious School Dates: 

September 19th 2021 – First Day of Religious School

January 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 13th 2022 – Purim Carnival

May 20th 2022 – Last Day of School

No Sunday Religious School for PreK – 7th Grade:

October 3rd (Shabbat Programming*)

November 28th (Thanksgiving)

December 5th (Shabbat Programming*)

December 19th & 26th (Winter Break)

January 2nd (Conferences)

February 20th (President’s Day)

March 20th & 27th (Spring Break)

April 17th & 24th (Passover)

May 8th (Mother’s Day)

*Shabbat Sh’Kids Programming:

October 2nd & 16th

November 6th & 20th

December 4th & 18th

January 15th

February 5th & 19th

March 5th & 19th

April 2nd & 16th

May 7th & 21st

June 4th

No Weekday Hebrew Sessions


3rd – 7th Grade


3rd – 7th Grade


3rd – 7th Grade


3rd – 7th Grade

September 20th (Sukkot) September 21st (Sukkot) September 22nd (Sukkot) September 23rd (Sukkot)
September 27th (Shmini Atzeret) September 28th (Simchat Torah) September 29th (Simchat Torah) November 25th (Thanksgiving)
December 20th (Winter Break) November 23rd (Thanksgiving) November 24th (Thanksgiving) December 23rd (Winter Break)
December 27th (Winter Break) December 21st (Winter Break) December 22nd (Winter Break) December 31st (Winter Break)
January 3rd (Conferences) December 28th (Winter Break) December 29th (Winter Break) January 6th (Conferences)
February 21st (President’s Day) January 4th (Conferences) January 5th (Conferences) March 17th (Purim)
March 21st (Spring Break) February 22nd (President’s Day) March 16th (Purim) March 24th (Spring Break)
April 18th (Passover) March 22nd (Spring Break) March 23rd (Spring Break) April 21st (Passover)
April 19th (Passover) April 20th (Passover)



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