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Passover Schedule

Passover Guidelines 2016

Festival of Pesach 2017- 5777

Monday, April 10 Siyum B’khorim – Service/Study/Breakfast 6:00 am
Final Housecleaning for Pesach  
Erev Pesach I – Festival Service, 1st Seder 6:00 pm
Tuesday, April 11 Pesach I – Festival Service 9:00 am
Erev Pesach II – Festival Service 6:00 pm
Wednesday, April 12 Pesach II – Festival Service 9:00 am
Thursday-Thursday, April 13-14 Chol Hamoed Pesach – Morning Minyanim 6:30 am
Sunday, April 16 Chol Hamoed Pesach- Morning Minyan 9:00 am
Sunday, April 16 Erev Pesach VII – Festival Service 6:30 pm
Monday, April 17 Pesach VII – Festival Service 9:00 am
Erev Pesach VIII – Shabbat/Festival Service 6:30 pm
Tuesday, April 18 Pesach VIII Shabbat / Festival Service / Yizkor 9:00 am

Siyum B’khorim and Breakfast for the First Born

The day preceding Passover is a special fast day for the first born. The completion of a course of study – a Siyum – allows the first born to celebrate at a Seudat Mitzvah, which exempts them from fasting on this day.

Rabbi Alex Felch will conduct such a Siyum B’khorim and Seudat Mitzvah. All first born sons and daughters are urged to attend (naturally, everyone is invited).

The Siyum will be held Friday, April 10 at 6:00 am.

Selling the Chametz

According to our tradition, we may not possess any levened food after the disposal of chametz by the morning before the Seder. Since it is impossible to destroy all of the chametz in one’s possession, the Rabbinic authorities have arranged for a symbolic sale of M’chirat Chametz which is arranged through a rabbi.

The procedure may be arranged by filling out a contract and sending it to the Synagogue any time during the week preceding Passover, but no later than the morning of the first seder.

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