Whole Person learning will be our approach in order to help our students grow and learn to be knowledgeable, spiritual and engaged young Jews.

Our Whole Person Learning approach seeks to engage students by:

  • Developing a spirit of Klal Yisrael
  • Developing a sense of belonging as part of a caring, engaged member of the Jewish Community
  • Creating a core sense of beliefs and values so that our students will be able to articulate and explore their own ideas and perspectives about Judaism
  • Creating a meaningful and relevant Jewish experience that our students can actively participate in
  • Developing essential knowledge and skills so that they can participate in Judaism as they grow and become adults
  • Cultivating a sense of joy and love for being Jewish

The Religious School is divided into two departments: the Primary Department and the Hebrew Department.

Primary Department

Connections to Judaism are formed early, so the Primary Department includes classes for junior kindergarten (JK), Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades and is intended to help children acquire a basic familiarity with the many aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.

Our Primary Department students participate in various Friday night services, enabling them to become familiar with the rituals of Shabbat. Because Jewish experiences are of crucial importance to the healthy development of the Jewish child, parents are strongly urged to enroll their children in the Primary Department. The knowledge gained during these initial years provides an essential background for the Hebrew Department.

Hebrew Department

The Hebrew Department is a full five-year program, culminating in Religious School bridging. It is designed to build upon the experiences and knowledge acquired in the Primary Department and to expand children’s Jewish knowledge. Students learn to read and write in Hebrew, understand Hebrew prayers, gain an introduction to modern Hebrew vocabulary, and forge a connection to the language of our people.